Benefits of becoming a franchisee!

Love dogs? Want to spend most of your days pampering them? Stuck in a boring job? Looking for a change? Or you want to have your very own business but you need some guidance? If the answer is YES! Well then you might want to look into joining Australia’s number 1 choice in dog grooming.

Becoming a dog groomer is a life changing decision, spending your days pampering and taking caring of fur babies is a dream come true for most dog lovers. After all we all love their sloppy kisses. However being an independent dog groomer could be a huge gamble, your perfect dream could turn into a complete nightmare in a whim if you make incorrect decisions. So, what’s the best low risk way to become a business owner? The answer is: A Franchise! By becoming a franchisee you will not only reduce your risk of going down but it will also be a great way to make your dream a reality.

Here are some key benefits:

  • Established Brand- As a franchisee you get to operate under a well-established brand that has a proven business concept and model.
  • Continuous support – When you join our winning team, you will be given the opportunity to receive professional training, national advertising and ongoing support.
  • Worried about getting a customer base? With a franchise you will be dealing with a brand that already has a well-established loyal customer base. So there’s a lower statistical risk of failure. Customers trust Brands and Blue Wheelers is the number 1 dog grooming brand in Australia.
  • You don’t have to be a business guru to run a franchise as the franchisor will pass on the knowledge and the training that you will need to operate the business.
  • Lastly, franchises have a higher rate of success than start-up independent as it’s an already proven business model.


Now’s the time to break free from your leash! Turn your energy and love for dogs into a seriously fun, rewarding and profitable Blue Wheelers dog washing and grooming franchise. You’ll have the opportunity to earn upwards of $1200 a week* and many of our franchises earn more than $2000 per week. Our franchise opportunities give you the freedom to control your own schedule and work with the cutest customers in the neighbourhood!

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