Best dog groomers and dog parks in Brisbane

Looking for the pooch friendly places in Brisbane? The Sunshine State has an abundance of great parks suited for humans and their furry friends alike. Giving your pup a regular run around off-lead is a great way to improve their physical health and can even curb any annoying behaviour, such as excessive barking and chewing your couch, clothes or shoes. Here are our picks of the best off-lead dog parks in Brisbane.


Tuckeroo Park, Nudgee Beach


Known affectionately as “Doggy World”, Tuckeroo Park really is an adventure park for dogs. Its fully fenced off-leash area features water access so your pup can cool off in the water after a stimulating play in the nearby obstacle course or a run around with the many other dogs that come to the park with their owners. Take a rod to sink a line at the nearby fishing platform after your pup’s big day.


Kalinga Park, Clayfield


With a dog off-leash area, a playground, creek, barbeque facilities and a bike track on site, Kalinga Park is a family favourite. Plenty of dogs and dog lovers alike attend the park, which is great for your pooch’s socialisation. Afterwards, take a walk around the creek or treat your kids to a play on the impressive playground. The park’s playground features inter-connected treehouses with a variety of climbing ropes, ladders and lattices, twisting slides and a large rock-climbing wall (just make sure pup’s on a lead). Fun for both species!


Sweeney Reserve, Petrie


With all that sunshine in Brisbane, your pup is going to need a cool off, and Sweeney Reserve is the place to do that. At the foot of the North Pine River, Sweeney Reserve’s off-lead area leads into the water where your pooch can go for a paddle, fetch a stick or dip their paws in after a long, hot Brissy day. The park is also full of local wildlife, including koalas, so bring a camera along!


Bulimba Riverside Park, Bulimba


The fully fenced dog area at Bulimba Riverside Park is a popular place for dog owners to take their best friends, meaning there are plenty of pups that your dog can befriend. The security of the fence can be comforting if your pup strays in open areas. The off-leash area contains a water bowl for your pooch if they get thirsty. Have (human) kids? Take them to the ocean-themed playground afterwards and let their imagination run wild as the ropes and swings call for a pirate adventure on the high seas!


Kroll Gardens, Redcliffe


Redcliffe is not only home to beautiful beaches – it’s home to cracker dog parks, too. Kroll Gardens off-lead dog park is 5 acres of fully fenced fun with plenty of agility equipment to keep your pup on their paws. There’s a walking track where your pooch can stroll beside you off lead, poo bags, water bowls and did I mention agility equipment? There’s so much we had to say it twice. Nervous pupper? Kroll Gardens even has an enclosure for small dogs if they aren’t too great around big dogs. The Gardens really has it all!


After exploring all the best Brisbane parks, your dog will be ready for an epic dog grooming session. Get in touch with us so we can pamper your pooch in style – we come to you! Find a Blue Wheeler mobile dog groomer near you here.

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