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  • Best dog groomers, parks and beaches in Perth

    Our Perth dog groomers know you want to show off your freshly washed pup. To help you show off your pooch when they’re looking good and feeling great, we asked our expert dog washers and groomers for their favourite off-lead…

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  • Dog Behaviour Tips: Is it OK if I Pet Your Dog?

    Q: What’s your first instinct when you see a cute dog? Stand still and wait for the dog to approach you. Stay calm and ignore the dog. Jump in straight away hugging and screaming “I wanna eat you up you…

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  • Dogs enjoying their Blue Wheelers mobile grooming experience

      This pretty Lab, who is very happy about his overall Blue Wheelers mobile grooming experience. Blue Wheelers Langwarrin   This adorable Bull Terrier is soo pleased with his bath he decided to give Sheila a big…

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  • Halloween costume ideas for your dogs

    It’s almost the scary pumpkin season, while thinking about what you or your kids will be dressing up for Halloween, don’t forget to get a safe costume for your four-legged friend too. Here are some awesome costume ideas to dress…

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  • Best Dog parks in Sydney

    Do you live in Sydney? Want to find the best places to take your dog for a walk? Dog parks are a great way to socialise your pup or dogs and stay active – regular exercise is a major contributor to...

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  • Simple guide to celebrating your dog’s birthday

    So your fur baby’s birthday is coming up? Most of us will want to celebrate with a bang! And why not, they are family too. Don’t be disappointed if your pooch ignores the whole fuzz about their birthday, because they…

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