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  • Best dog groomers and dog parks in Brisbane

    Looking for the pooch friendly places in Brisbane? The Sunshine State has an abundance of great parks suited for humans and their furry friends alike. Giving your pup a regular run around off-lead is a great way to improve their…

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  • How much exercise should my pup be getting daily?

    With the Pokémon Go craze plenty of dog owners seem to be taking a sudden interest in walking their dogs. Mainly to catch some cool Pokémons but on the plus side your dog will be getting some exercise out of…

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  • Why is my dog shedding so much hair?

    You think you are doing everything to keep your dog well-groomed but often go to work wearing dog hair? While I am a firm believer that an outfit just isn’t complete without a bit of dog hair...

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  • Your dog might actually hate your hugs

    Are you the type of person who locks your dog in your room so they spend some quality time with you? Well I am that person. I also love to express my love by hugging them and kissing them. Well who wouldn’t love a hug right...

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  • Best Dog parks in Sydney

    Do you live in Sydney? Want to find the best places to take your dog for a walk? Dog parks are a great way to socialise your pup or dogs and stay active – regular exercise is a major contributor to...

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  • Keeping your dog healthy in winter

    Nobody likes to get up on a cold wintry morning – not even our pooches! We’d both rather be cuddled up in our beds under a warm blanket than brave the cold, windy, and dark conditions before work. And believe…

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