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  • Dog Training Advice Series – Teaching your dog to sit

    Obedient and a well-trained dog is every dog parents’ dream. Even though not every pet parent can get their pooches to do the dishes and clean the house as we see in some very promising YouTube videos, we can always…

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  • Dog Behaviour Tips: Is it OK if I Pet Your Dog?

    Q: What’s your first instinct when you see a cute dog? Stand still and wait for the dog to approach you. Stay calm and ignore the dog. Jump in straight away hugging and screaming “I wanna eat you up you…

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  • How much exercise should my pup be getting daily?

    With the Pokémon Go craze plenty of dog owners seem to be taking a sudden interest in walking their dogs. Mainly to catch some cool Pokémons but on the plus side your dog will be getting some exercise out of…

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  • Dog potty training 101

    Do you have a little pooper or two at home? Well house training your little fur ball is easier than you think. The key is consistency with your training and lots of patience. Don’t forget puppies are like little babies...

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