Getting tails wagging all over Perth!

We have many dog washers and groomers in Perth, making it easy to get your dog looking fash!

Whether your doggo is sunbaking in Scarborough or chasing sticks at one of Perth’s best dog parks, your best friend will need a clean up to stay fresh after living that Perth life! With experienced dog washers and groomers servicing over 15 locations in Perth, we make it getting your pooch washed accessible; after all, we come to you!

People will go barking mad for your dog in Fremantle after a delightful pampering session at one of our many Blue Wheelers locations throughout Perth. Our dog washing service includes:

  • Pre-brushing
  • Premium shampoos, chosen for your dog’s individual need (such as Herbal Deluxe, Whitening, Medicated and Flea and Tick)
  • Nail trimming
  • Towel and blow dry
  • And our crowning glory – Blue Wheelers own signature canine cologne!
Best of all – being able to keep furry friend at home means you don’t have the worry of getting them into the groomers. Blue Wheelers come to you, meaning your dog is more likely to feel safe and sound. All our highly trained dog groomers and washers work efficiently and effectively, so your furry friend will be back walking Bay View terrace in no time!

All our dog grooming appointments include a detailed wash and delightful pampering, with the following services available:

  • Breed specific cuts
  • Detangling
  • Hygiene clip
  • Summer clip
  • Winter clip
From Schnauzers to Shih Tzus Perth is home to a variety of dogs big and small! With so many variables, it’s best to speak to your local Blue Wheeler to get a personalised free quote.

If you live in Perth and want to book your best friend in for a dog groom or wash, please enter your postcode and suburb below.

or give us a call on 1300 659 055

Perth Franchise Available!

Become a professional dog washer and groomer and be your own boss! With a Blue Wheelers business you’ll have the freedom to dictate your own hours and earn up to $2000 per week!

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