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When you’re with Blue Wheelers, you’re never alone. We currently have a pack of 180 Blue Wheelers and counting. Our hard working, passionate team love the freedom of getting off the leash, out of the office and becoming their own boss. Let them walk you through their stories of what life as a Blue Wheeler entails.



Kirstin’s story:

Since jumping careers to join Blue Wheelers, my friends and family say I smile a lot more and have more self-confidence. I would agree! My fitness has increased 10 fold and I’m loving my new work/life balance!”
The best thing about being a Blue Wheeler is all of the cuddles and smooches you get from the dogs. It makes every day enjoyable.
For me Blue Wheelers was the right opportunity to combine several things I love; a passion for great customer service, forming meaningful relationships, business and of course dogs!
Before becoming a Blue Wheeler I worked for a large market leading international company in various sales roles (business development, people management and account management). These roles prepared me for being a Blue Wheeler by teaching me how to build strong and meaningful relationships with others



Tracy’s story:

I've been a Blue Wheeler for just over a year now, and what a fantastic year it has been! I really enjoy being a business owner, especially having the flexibility and some control in managing my business. I wake up everyday feeling excited because I know every day is different. I love meeting and interacting with my customers and of course their four-legged furry best friends. I continue to look for opportunities to further my knowledge and skills in grooming techniques and look for any chance I get to practice them on my customers. I'm excited for what's in store for the future as I am very certain that the business will continue to grow positively.

I have always had pets while growing up and have a great love for animals - especially dogs. My first ambition when I was about 7 years old was to become a vet, however, upon graduating from Uni with an engineering degree, I embarked on a career in manufacturing. When it came time to revisit my career choice, I got to know a Blue Wheeler mobile dog groomer who let me tag along to see what the Blue Wheeler lifestyle was all about. And the rest, as they say, is history. I was sold on the idea of owning my own dog grooming business and most of all, working with dogs.


Victoria Point

Mark’s story:

In my business as a Blue Wheeler groomer I know I am creating happiness. I enjoy seeing customers smile and how dogs react when my Big Blue Dog, Penny, and I arrive. I love seeing how much happier the dogs are afterwards.
I love dogs and have always been around them and thought this line of work would be a good fit for me. With no business experience I chose to go with a franchise, one that focused on quality and customer service. Blue Wheelers are the best at this and they support me in providing the best to your furry friends.
I have worked extensively in the community services sector for 12 years. I feel my personal qualities of patience, positivity, and reliability help me in the pet care field.



Jeff’s story:

My Blue Wheeler story started over 10 years ago. When my late wife Gayle had cancer, I needed time to care for her so I left butchery and joined HydroDog. It worked out really well and gave me good support during her illness and her passing. It was great meeting all the people and their dogs. This lasted for 5 years.
Then I moved down to Sydney to become a full time carer for a dear friend until she passed aged 100 years old. Two years later I returned to the Central Coast and rejoined the newly branded Blue Wheelers. It is great to be back though a lot has changed. The training and support is very professional; the new Blue Dogs get noticed all the time; and all the products work well! Business is growing and I am making new stories to add to my old ones.



Kylie’s story:

My favourite thing about being a Blue Wheeler is that I get to work with dogs which has been my passion since a young child. I love seeing so many different breeds and so many spoilt pooches. It makes me feel good to know all the dogs I see have great homes and love being pampered.
I decided to become a Blue Wheeler as I thought running my own business would be very rewarding and being able to work with dogs and pamper them like they deserve would be a wonderful job.
Since I was a very young child I have always been around animals and loved dogs. I grew up with many animals and learnt at a young age how to care for animals. I have taken in and rescued many dogs and love being able to help them. I have a lot of knowledge on dog behaviour and because of my calm and patient ways of dealing with animals the dogs seem to be very comfortable and relaxed around me. Before becoming a Blue Wheeler I was in Accounts & Payroll so this has also helped me run a smooth and professional business.



Rehanna’s story:

I’ve always wanted to own a business and I’ve always loved dogs and animals in general so when I saw the opportunity to join the Blue Wheelers team, I jumped at the chance.
I love the creativity that comes with being a groomer, I love the kisses and cuddles and I love handing back a well groomed dog and having my clients be amazed at how good their fur baby looks and smells.
Before I joined the Blue Wheelers team I was working as a Senior Environmental Scientist specializing in Monitoring and Evaluation. I grew up in the country riding horses and wrangling all types of animals so my experience in handling animals has definitely helped me in my Blue Wheelers life.

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