Dogs enjoying their Blue Wheelers mobile grooming experience


This pretty Lab, who is very happy about his overall Blue Wheelers mobile grooming experience.


Blue Wheelers Langwarrin


This adorable Bull Terrier is soo pleased with his bath he decided to give Sheila a big sloppy kiss.


Blue Wheelers Cairns


This goofy husky is finally happy and satisfied about her snow white makeover. (Her beauty secret is our Blue Wheelers Special Whitening shampoo shhhhh!!)


Blue Wheelers Langwarrin



This unconvinced client. “Err Tanya! Look lady I was told bath only, what are you doing with those clippers”?


This shy girl absolutely enjoyed her mobile grooming session and even got a chance to take home enough fur to make another dog.

mobile grooming

Blue Wheelers Banks


And finally Blue Wheelers own fur burglar who is not a big fan of baths but sells her soul for the sake of treats.

mobile dog grooming

If you want the best Groomers looking after all your dogs’ grooming needs, you’ve come to the right place. From a full service wash to breed-specific grooming, we take great pride in everything we do. Our services offer a detailed Wash, Clip and Groom including nail, eye and ear care. Book now:

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