Blue Wheeler Treats

Our 100% natural Blue Wheeler treats are seriously loved by all our dogs! Our treats are available for sale by the bag through your local Blue Wheeler operator. All products are naturally dried with no salts or preservatives. In addition to being 100% natural, all our treats are 100% Australian-made and packed to order ensuring they are freshly packed each day.

As we say – Doesn’t your best friend deserve the best? 
Give them a try, your furry friend will love them!

Available treats:

Pork Strips 250g Pack

Just Roo 1kg Pack

Roo Sticks 25pce Pack

Roo Jerky 500g Pack

Chicken Jerky 500g Pack

Liver Jerky 150g Pack

Baked Biscuits - Beef 1kg Pack

Baked Biscuits - Chicken 1kg Pack

Baked Biscuits - Cheese & Bacon 1kg Pack

Baked Biscuits - Peanut Butter 1kg Pack

Baked Biscuits - Steak & Kidney 1kg Pack

Baked Biscuits - Cheese 1kg Pack


With your blessing, we offer a treat to all dogs at the end of their Blue Wheeler service – a great chance for your four-legged pal to have a taste test! Some Blue Wheelers prefer not to carry a large amount of stock, so please ask your local Blue Wheeler first. If they are unable to fulfil your request, please message us through Facebook and we will try to assist!
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