Fleas & Ticks

It’s hard to love a dog when it’s infested with fleas! By the same token it’s hard for a dog to love itself when it has fleas! Not only are they dangerous but they also make your dog feel uncomfortable all the time. We have a step by step process that ensures your canine friend can live itch-free!

With follow up visits too, Blue Wheelers can help to break the flea cycle properly!

Fleas & Ticks service includes

Shampoo Treatment

Our Flea and Tick shampoo reduces a safe haven for the fleas. We thoroughly wash the dog and use a massage technique (sometimes using a rubber curry brush) to access all crevices ensuring fleas are removed from the dog. Your dog may require a double treatment if flea infestation is heavy.

Follow Up Visit

A follow up visit may be necessary to ensure that all the critters are gone and your dog is living flea free! We also have special products available for purchase to spray on your dog’s bedding and living areas to ensure that the flea cycle is truly broken. Your Groomer will advise you on what the best course of action is.

Health Hazard

Ticks are extremely dangerous parasites that can attach to your dog and cause serious health hazards. Some ticks (paralysis), if undetected, can be fatal for dogs. Ticks are primarily found on the east coast of Australia. In tick affected areas Blue Wheelers can offer special treatments for ticks and put your mind at rest during tick season.

Our flea & tick service starts from approximately $40*

There are inside dogs, outside dogs, shaggy dogs and short-haired dogs! With so many variables, it’s best to speak to your local Blue Wheeler so they can assess your situation and give you an accurate free quote.


* May vary in some areas.

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