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It takes a Village to raise a Blue Wheeler Groomer!


When someone puts their faith into our Brand we take that trust very seriously and ensure that a new Blue Wheeler team member is well trained in all aspects of the business.  They must be in a position to reach their potential as a Blue Wheeler groomer when they hit the road.

Owning your own business can be a challenge if you are not properly prepared. With over 80 hours of training in the Blue Wheelers Training program we know that the detail makes all the difference.  Our Operations and Training Manuals make learning as methodical and motivating as possible.

We would love to share all the facets of training in one blog but suffice to say that it is detailed, thorough and incredibly thought out with the inductee’s path to success top of mind.

Bek, Blue Wheelers Portarlington recently completed her training at the Blue Wheeler’s Training school, NSW, and is headed back home to spend some time with our Victorian Support Manager and the outgoing Franchisee to give her training a final spit and polish and get Bek started.

“One on one training provided me with everything I need to know and allowed me to learn at my pace.”

All Blue Wheeler Training is held face to face and on an individual basis.  You can’t teach the skills required on line, nor in a group situation.  “Sometimes two together can be good as the marketing ideas get bounced around a bit, but generally all training is just the Trainer and the trainee!” says Janie Rose, Blue Wheelers Marketing.

The most important aspect of Training is learning the skill of grooming.  Almost anyone can learn to wash a dog but Grooming is a taught skill that will take some weeks to acquire confidently.  “We try to offer as  wide a variety of breeds as possible”, says Dave Laming, National Training for Blue Wheelers.

Our years of knowledge and experience of running Blue Wheelers Wash, Clip and Groom has seen oodles of successfully trained Groomers go on to run thriving businesses.

“I loved seeing the dogs I groomed afterwards,  they looked like completely different pooches”, said Bek, Blue Wheelers Portarlington. “I’m so excited to go home and get started!”

Running a Blue Wheeler business is not just about how well you handle the dogs.  Even if you become the best Groomer, it takes a lot more than this skill to run a successful business.  We cover all aspects of establishing, building and maintaining a strong customer base through our sales focused business training.  This training covers operational systems, IT systems, marketing, customer service, tax  plus more.

It doesn’t end there…On returning home we have support personnel who will provide you with encouragement and assistance until you are ready to lose the leash!

With Blue Wheelers you are on your own, but never alone!

If you would like to join the Blue Wheeler team please click here for further information:

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