About Us

Blue Wheelers Is Australia’s Number 1 Choice!

With almost 5000 service enquiries received every month our Blue Wheeler Groomers are out on the road washing and grooming Aussie dogs across this great land. Professionally trained to make sure your furry best friend is washed and groomed from snout to tail, our Groomers come to your home in their Big Blue Dog mobile salon, equipped with top of the range grooming and washing supplies to look after your dog.

Our Story

It all started back in 1994 when Blue Wheelers was first established on the Gold Coast in Queensland with it’s first franchise granted in 1996.  Ever since, Blue Wheelers has clearly marked its territory with  almost 200 fully trained franchisees across Australia.

Blue Wheelers is Australia’s #1 choice for dog washing and dog grooming services. The organisation has featured in BRW Magazine’s Fastest Growing franchises for 7 consecutive years and many of our Groomers have received their 10 year industry acknowledgement Award.

The company was founded on the principles of not only being the best, but also the biggest. Their aim is to deliver “best practices” in all areas related to Blue Wheelers’ business and continue to research new technologies, products and services to enhance customer and franchisee experience.

Our Vision

At Blue Wheelers we aim to change people’s life for the better. From our customer’s view that’s getting a truly great Wash, Clip & Groom service for your dog that lives up to “Doesn’t Your Best Friend Deserve The Best?”  From our Groomer’s perspective it’s creating a National Brand and business model that gives them the best chance possible to run a successful business under the Blue Wheelers banner.