Dog Grooming Q & A

When is the best time to start grooming my puppy?

As soon as your puppy has had all its initial injections! When it’s able to play with other dogs, it’s ready to be groomed professionally. Starting early conditions your dog to enjoy the experience of being pampered and groomed. You can help with this from the first day you bring puppy home. Play with its paws, ears and tummy to get your puppy used to being touched. Gently apply a little pressure to your puppy’s paws to allow the nails to extend, and gently touch the nails again to familiarise puppy to this process.

How much is it to wash, clip and groom my dog with Blue Wheelers?

Our prices vary depending on the quantity of dogs at your home, the breed, the size and the condition of your dog(s). There are too many variables to mention! Our base price starts at approximately *$35 for a full service wash and *$55 for a full service wash and grooming. Please get in touch with your local Blue Wheeler for an obligation-free quote.

*prices may vary in some areas.

What breeds do Blue Wheelers clip and groom?

We are equipped to handle all dogs – big and small, short and long-haired dogs. Even if your dog has short hair we recommend a Blue Wheeler to come to your home to look after your dog’s grooming needs.

Is there any breed you don’t handle?

We are happy to handle all breeds, however, our Groomers’ safety is always top of mind and we support our Groomers’ decision to not proceed with an appointment if they choose to do so. This is a rare occurrence. Some of these reasons may be aggression, biting, beyond normal anxiety or unrealistic customer expectations.

Could my dog get an infection in your hydrobath?

All our Operators clean and sanitise their hydrobath and mobile salon in between every single appointment. Our exclusive high-grade sanitiser is used thoroughly and liberally to ensure no nasty germs are left behind. We use fresh warm water with every bath. As your dog(s) are the only ones in the mobile salon at your appointment time, the risk of any infection is rare.

Can I buy your products?

Our shampoo and cologne products are not for sale and are exclusive to Blue Wheelers Groomers. However, you can buy our Blue Wheeler treats from your local Blue Wheeler. We also have flea and tick management products for purchase to help you enjoy a flea free dog and home.

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

All our Operators confirm your appointment the day before so if you need to postpone your appointment, please do so as quickly as possible. Our Groomers have set an appointment time for you. If you are not available for them it does upset their daily schedule and causes them financial loss. You can certainly reschedule your appointment should you require, but the more notice given the better. There are no rain checks for bad weather as our Blue Wheeler Operators are in demand rain, hail or shine.

My dog doesn’t like to be bathed, how do you handle this?

It is not unusual for some dogs to be hesitant about their first Blue Wheeler experience. However, all our Groomers are well practiced in dog behaviour and have the patience of saints! Many of our customer reviews acknowledge that their dog wasn’t keen initially, but with a little gentle persuasion is now looking forward to becoming a regular customer.

My dog has skin irritations?

Some breeds of dogs suffer from some form of skin rash or hot spots. Our exclusive Blue Wheelers Medicated and Herbal Deluxe shampoos have seen amazing results with calming skin irritations of different types.

My white dog has stains below the eyes, can you remove this?

Many white dogs have dark stains under their eyes as it is normal for all dogs to have eyes that tear regularly. We see the results of teary eyes on white dogs more clearly. We can gently remove these stains with our Blue Wheeler Whitening shampoo but unless you gently wipe the eye area daily, these stains will reappear.

Do you do anal gland expressing?

No! This is a task for your vet. It’s not pleasant for the dog nor for the Groomer and sedation is sometimes required for this procedure. We will not ever sedate your dog under our care.

Will my Blue Wheeler Groomer be covered by insurance?

All our Blue Wheeler Groomers are fully insured to cover any possible issue with a dog.  Not only are they insured but they have spent countless hours learning the trades of grooming and dog handling.  All Blue Wheeler Groomers are fully trained and certified.

Our Groomers have the dog’s care top of mind at all times, however, they would appreciate knowing any health concerns with your dog in advance.

How do Blue Wheelers protect our environment?

We typically use 2/3 less water than washing your dog at home. Our Hydrobath system uses a warm water and shampoo mix during all washes, providing a deep, quality cleansing experience for your dog.


Bio Degradable Products:

Our Authorised Products are made from natural ingredients and are fully biodegradable to enable the wastewater to be safely used on a garden.

In line with EPA guidelines and our care for the environment, our team are aware that they must never dispose of water into a gutter or storm water drain, and that discharged water must be run onto lawn or garden.