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When you’re with Blue Wheelers, you’re never alone. We currently have a pack of 180 Blue Wheelers and counting. Our hard working, passionate team love the freedom of getting off the leash, out of the office and becoming their own boss. Let them walk you through their stories of what life as a Blue Wheeler entails.

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North Ipswich

Kaylene’s story:

I have decided to become a Blue Wheeler Franchise as I have a huge passion for dogs, and wanted to change my career to include dogs into my everyday work.  I suddenly realized I needed to follow my passion, so I stopped what I was doing and started to investigate how I was going to do that.  I found Blue Wheelers was very professional and spent a lot of time on training the new franchisees, also supporting them so I decided to "go for it" and follow my dream.

Blue Wheelers



Dave’s story:

For me Blue Wheelers was the right industry that is not going away, one would be appreciated, you can do your own hours, be a good lifestyle change, be family friendly, be enjoyable most of the time. Being a Blue Wheeler is a lifestyle change. The people you meet, the dogs that they own and the stories both have. The road is my office.

Blue Wheelers



Tania’s story:

I have always loved animals and had furry best friends. As a child I knew I wanted to work with dogs, so when the opportunity came to take over Blue Wheelers Noosa I jumped at the chance to 'live the dream'. Before joining Blue Wheelers, I was an early childhood teacher. I learnt to be extremely patient and to work with some challenging behaviour. I think this has prepared me well to work with all the different dogs and personalities that come into my mobile salon and ensure they have a thoroughly enjoyable experience every time.

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