Halloween costume ideas for your dogs


It’s almost the scary pumpkin season, while thinking about what you or your kids will be dressing up for Halloween, don’t forget to get a safe costume for your four-legged friend too.

Here are some awesome costume ideas to dress up your pupper this Halloween…


The Minion Pet Costume for your little furry minion


Image courtesy- www.criatives.com.br



A Lion Pet Costume for your furry beast


Image courtesy- https://au.pinterest.com/refinery29/



How about a Big Bad Wolf Costume for your melodious husky


Image courtesy- BuzzSharer.com



Or maybe you can channel your pup’s inner spirit animal and dress him like a Bunny


Image courtesy – portaldodog.com.br



Maybe you can dress up your dog like the cutest Gnome you’ll ever see



Image – https://www.huffingtonpost.com.au



Or how about making the best out of your dog’s cone of shame and turn him/her in to a sad Little Martini?


Image courtesy – https://dogvacay.com/blog



Don’t forget to take some safety measures when you are parading your little ghosts and goblins in the night. . Costumes with bits ‘n’ bobs that can be ingested; Loud noises and uncomfortable costumes can be scary and stressful for your dogs. So make sure you listen to them, they will usually try to tear off the costumes or look very unhappy if they don’t want to be in one…


Happy Halloween!! Stay Safe!!

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