Thinking of Becoming a Dog Groomer? Should you Join a Franchise or Set Up Independently?

If you love dogs and have decided to start your career as a dog groomer, the next step is to do some research. The first question you may ask yourself is should you join a franchise or become an independent groomer? Becoming a dog groomer is a life changing decision which will see you spending your days pampering fur babies.  Certainly, a dream come true for most dog lovers. It will likely be lower risk to start your business as a franchise instead of starting from scratch on your own. 

Franchise systems have a proven success rate while start-up independents typically face more challenges. With a franchise like Blue Wheelers, you can still set your own hours and prices and achieve your goal of being your own boss. As we say, with Blue Wheelers “you are on your own but never alone”.

Brand Recognition

A company’s most important asset is its brand. Choosing a franchise with a well recognised name and branding, like Blue Wheelers and the Big Blue Dog Trailer,  means that you can start your business with more confidence as customers already know and trust the brand. Blue Wheelers is Australia’s number 1 choice in mobile dog grooming with over 180 franchisees and a highly trusted brand with over 20 years experience.  People love seeing the Big Blue Dog drive around and it serves as your very own ‘billboard on wheels.’ Starting as an independent groomer means that you would have to put hours of time settling on the perfect name for your business and creating the brand and having it protected.  Elements like colours, logos and taglines, take much time and money to perfect. Then you need to work hard to build up your brand from scratch to become recognised and, more importantly, trusted in your own community. 


Branding is only the first step to creating your mobile dog grooming business. You then have to factor in the time and cost that goes into creating your own trailer design, getting it built and roadworthy, insurance, starting a website, social media, a way to make bookings, accounting software, creating advertising materials like flyers, researching and buying the best grooming tools, products and more! Most importantly, you need to find somewhere accredited to get your professional grooming training. All of these costs add up to your business start up costs.

This is where franchise systems can really help and are most likely be the best value option. Blue Wheelers is a ‘Turnkey business.’  When you purchase a Blue Wheelers franchise you get:

  • Access to our branding that is recognised nationwide
  • An eye grabbing trailer complete with the latest in grooming technology
  • Professional dog grooming training from certified grooming schools available nationally
  • Top of the range grooming tools and products
  • Your very own website page and social media
  • Flyers and Business Cards
  • External Call Centre enquiries
  • Access to our easy to use booking and accounting software
  • And more

Being part of a franchise means you’ll enjoy the independence of being a small business owner, while enjoying the support of following a proven system and an expert team who have your back every step of the way.


When you join our winning team, you receive professional training, national advertising and ongoing support. The Blue Wheelers Support team includes experts in dog grooming, marketing and business management. We pass on all of our knowledge to help your business thrive.

After the initial period and you’re up and running, you’ll be able to benefit from ongoing assistance from our experienced team. We’re with you every step of the way to help you solve any issues that can come along with owning a small business. As an independent groomer, you may only have support from your close family and friends, but with Blue Wheelers you become part of a family of over 180 + Groomers. You’ll be given the contact numbers of your closest Blue Wheeler neighbours, access to our forum where you can communicate with all our groomers and ask any questions and state meetings where we all come together to continue to learn and grow in our businesses.

If you’re ready for the commitment of being a business owner, you can find out more about becoming a Blue Wheeler dog groomer by filling out an enquiry form to receive your free, no obligation information pack.

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