Keep your pooch happy this summer!

We constantly see and hear stories on the news about how badly a hot day can affect your canine companion. Heat strokes and dehydration are the most common enemies for your dog on a hot summer day. So are you being a responsible pet owner? Make sure you follow these tips to keep your pooch healthy and happy during these dog days of summer.

Keep your pooch hydrated

Make sure that you leave plenty of water for your dog. Watch out for excessive drooling, lethargic behaviour and/or bloodshot eyes, as these are quite common signs of dehydration.

Walk your dog early in the morning or late at night

Since the day time will be quite hot for your dog, make sure you take them for a walk in the early morning or late at night as the weather is significantly cooler during these periods of the day making it more comfortable for your dog.


Grooming and Washing your dog

Thinking about giving your pooch a serious hair cut? Get your dog summer ready by getting him/her trimmed by a professional dog groomer. Make sure the new trim doesn’t over expose their skin as a dog’s coat helps prevent sunburns and keeps them from overheating in the summer.

MOST IMPORTANTLY– Don’t ever leave your dog in a parked car

On a hot day the temperature in a parked car (even with the windows down a bit) can be significantly higher than outside. This will dramatically increase the chance of your dog suffering from a fatal heatstroke. Make sure you follow these simple steps to have a fun filled safe summer with your canine best friends.


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