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When is it time for us Mums to put ourselves first?

Most Mums will tell you that their needs seem to always come last.

Many families with dogs often joke that Dad is last on the pecking order after the kids; the dogs and even the budgie! But really Mums’ needs often come well after Dad!

When is it our time to shine?

This Mother’s Day perhaps it’s time to reflect on your own needs and thinking about what will bring you happiness and satisfaction in life!

Perhaps it’s time to think towards your future, when the kids are safely ensconced in school or even out of school living their own dreams, and doing their own washing!

We have lots of Mums in our team of Blue Wheelers mobile dog groomers – all busy working away just the school hours or full time! All earning good money as either the major income earner for the home or as a second income – the choice is yours when you join Blue Wheelers, Wash, Clip & Groom

“It’s a blast being a mobile groomer with Blue Wheelers. It’s given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful humans and dogs from our local community. Working with your furry friends just makes life better, who can resist wet kisses?

I have always loved pampering my own dogs and dreamt of becoming a groomer. That’s why I started my own Blue Wheelers business, now I live my dream every day.” Amazing Mum, Sharon Watt, Blue Wheelers, Wattle Grove, NSW

And from another Mother!

“Honestly, I never thought I’d actually have a job that I love. Living and working in Mornington Peninsula, I couldn’t have asked for a better lifestyle.” Cath Edwards, Blue Wheelers Mornington, VIC

Mobile Dog Grooming comes naturally to many mums as it involves caring; loving and customer service – all skills that most Mums have honed pretty well!

If you think it’s your time to shine, please check out our links or call us 1300 659 055  to find out more etc.

Happy Mother’s Day! blue flower

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