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Designer Dog Coats over LOUIS Vuittons, A modern day dog mum’s dilemma.


A healthy, happy fur child is every pet parent’s dream, although it seems like our pampered pooches are to be blamed for holes in our pockets.

A recent national survey found Australians spend three times as much on their fur babies compared to what we spend on themselves for things like technology, clothes and entertainment. The bright side is, it’s proven that dogs will help us with reduced stress levels and increase our overall happiness. So I’d rather spend my $$’s on a super cute Crystal collar for my pup than opting for that new iPhone.

Holes in my pockets

The survey also suggests that one in four Aussies spends up to 30% of their disposable income on their pets, with more than 46% admitting their pet was a financial burden yet super cute.

Forget Lobster for dinner, gotta buy my dog that Fancy dog food because she doesn’t like the regular cheap ones.

Half of the survey respondents also admitted that they were more likely to buy expensive food for their pets than for themselves.



Dogs, dogs and more dogs.

According to CoreData findings close to half  (49.7%) of the respondents currently own a dog(s) only while 25.6% have both cats and dogs.



According to Coredata findings 54.1% of pet owners often care for the health of their pets more than their own.   Many people admitted they will rush their beloved pet to the vet if they sense something is not quite right, while taking their own time to visit a doctor when the light is shone on their own health issues!



Also interestingly two in five surveyed (38.7%) respondents often cancel their plans to stay home with their fur baby.


sorry i can't i have plans with my dog

Dear pet parents, having a healthy and a happy dog(s) doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank but I bet you’ll agree that your fluff balls are worth every cent you spend on them.  They deserve the best, but it’s time to step back and think about how you can save where you can.

Some tips

  • If your dog, doesn’t like the pre-made dog food that comes with a reasonable price tag, then try making them a home cooked meal with lots of veggies and protein, I bet your dog will appreciate your efforts.
  • Regular grooming – DIY grooming might seem like a good idea to save some money, but in the long run you may be ruining your dog’s fabulous coat. Not to mention how dangerous it can be to use clippers or scissors on your dog without any grooming skills!  Pro Groomers are often able to spot the unusual lump, or skin irritation and bring it to your attention, saving you heaps in vet bills. A well-groomed dog is a happy and a healthy dog.


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