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The Dog Made Me Do It : Did having a dog make an impact on where you live?

What’s your current housing arrangement? Are you currently renting or do you own a house? Did having a dog make an impact on where you live?

Studies have found that most millennials are buying homes rather than renting or living in apartments. The biggest reason that’s driving them to take the mortgage plunge is, yes you guessed right – dog ownership!

Being a millennial myself, my partner and I decided to take the mortgage plunge and buy our home because we wanted to make sure our future fur babies have plenty of space to run around.  We don’t even own a dog at the moment but our plans are in motion.

According to recent studies, home buyers are opting towards bricks and mortar because of their dogs.  Man’s best friend outranked getting married as a top motivator for buying a home or even having kids.


Decision to buy over renting

Sure, committing ourselves to pay a huge loan for the next 30+ years sounded quite scary, but since dogs are always going to be included in my life, their comfort is our #1 priority. The laws towards welcoming dogs into rental houses are currently under review but, landlords can be tricky and demanding, making renting quite a hassle. Therefore, more dog loving millennials are being driven to take the mortgage plunge to ensure they don’t have to hide their fur babies in the closet when the landlord comes in for a visit.


Things to consider

If you are buying an apartment, you need to remember that the body corporate might have some rules and regulations about having pets in your apartment. So don’t forget to inquire about this before purchasing your condo or apartment.


Renting with your furry family member.

Many current leases have a ‘no pets’ clause that prohibits a tenant from keeping a pet. Whilst these clauses are under current review, it is best to make sure you check with your landlord first before signing any agreements.   Do not try to sneak your dog into your apartment under any circumstances. You could potentially get evicted and be charged for damages if your landlord finds out or your annoying neighbour files a compliant. It’s not fair for your fur child to go through all that trauma.



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