Dog Training Advice Series – Teaching your dog to sit

Obedient and a well-trained dog is every dog parents’ dream. Even though not every pet parent can get their pooches to do the dishes and clean the house as we see in some very promising YouTube videos, we can always teach them a few basic commands. Training your dog to “sit” is the first training exercise you should attempt and it’s one of the most important commands your pup will ever learn.

Here’s how to teach your dog to sit:

Take his/her favourite treat and let them sniff without having it.

When you’ve successfully tempted your pup, he will try to reach it.

Hold the treat above your pup’s head, so when he tries to reach it with his mouth the head will follow and the bottom will lower.

Using the word “sit” as his bottom hits the ground, give him the treat and off course tell him what a good boy he is.

After a few attempts your smart pooch will understand the trick to get his treat.  If you prefer not to use treats as a reward, a good pat and cuddle will work just as well!

Once he fully understands what’s expected, pair the exercise with “sit”, slowly he will learn to associate the word with the action.

Repeat multiple times, be consistent and don’t let him fool you with his puppy eyes.

Keep the sessions short and take regular breaks to make sure your pup is not frustrated. Practice patience, don’t be too hard on your pup or yourself.

Things to Remember:

  •  Don’t hold the treat too high so he will have to jump to get it. Hold the treat just high enough for him to reach out with his head.
  • You should never ever punish your pup or yell at him if he doesn’t sit. Learning takes time.


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