Be Your Own Boss, Work With Dogs

Have you always loved dogs? Are you looking for a career change?  If you want a better work-life balance, and a sense of happy independence and financial freedom, then a Blue Wheelers dog grooming business will be one of the best decisions you ever make!  At Blue Wheelers, our mission is to empower people just like you to take control of their future.

“I have absolutely no regrets about making a move to become a Dog Groomer; it’s the best life I could have hoped for.  An added bonus is the family being in a better place!”

Lauren | Blue Wheelers Mango Hill, QLD

“I have met some amazing people and their fur babies. The pet industry is booming and people, now more than ever, consider pets a part of their family. They want the best for their pets, and for me, my Blue Wheelers service delivers this.”

Jill | Blue Wheelers Landsdale, WA


    6 Reasons Why Blue Wheelers Could be the Mobile Dog Grooming Franchise For You

    1. Work with a franchise company that deeply cares about you and invests in your personal success.
    2. Join the top dog grooming franchise in Australia – work with almost 200 dog lovers just like yourself! Mobile dog grooming franchises for sale in your area – work in your local community and stop travelling hours to your office
    3. Our franchisees earn up to $2,000 a week and often much more. They work the hours they choose, close to home, doing what they love!
    4. You’ll always get complete honesty and transparency from us. Before you make a decision, you’ll spend time with one of our Groomers to experience the life of a Blue Wheeler business owner.
    5. Many franchise systems take a percentage of everything you work hard to earn.  We only ever charge you a fixed fee so you always know your running costs, and you enjoy the growth you work hard to build. Plus, if you start a new Blue Wheelers business*, you can enjoy 6 months fee free while you build your client base!
    6. When you become part of the Blue Wheelers family, you get the bees knees of training provided! You can train almost anywhere in Australia with our Blue Wheelers Schools in VIC, NSW, WA & QLD! Plus, you’ll benefit from our years of experience. Use our proven marketing program and follow our Blue Wheelers system to quickly grow your own Blue Wheelers business. Our website gets tens of thousands of visitors every month and we invest in national digital marketing on your behalf.
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    What are you waiting for?

    Mark, Victoria Point says:My favourite thing about being a Blue Wheeler is creating happiness. I enjoy seeing customers smile and how dogs react when my Blue Dog, Penny and I arrive. I love seeing how much happier the dogs are afterwards.”

    The Simple 4 Step Process To Becoming A Blue Wheeler

    We know that deciding to join a dog grooming franchise and becoming your own boss is a big step, and we know it can be exciting, overwhelming and a little bit scary.  We are there to help guide you through the decision-making process to find out if we’re a good fit for one another.  Your success is our success! So, we want to make sure we’re 100% confident that you’ll become an amazing Blue Wheeler.

    Step 1: Submit your interest and read your info pack

    As soon as you submit your interest, you’ll automatically receive an info pack that breaks down everything you need to know about becoming a Blue Wheeler Groomer.  All our pricing is up front and clearly defined, no hidden costs. Our ‘turn key’ business package comes backed with an intensive training program that is just one example of what we bring to the table.

    Step 2: Col gives you a call

    Col Burrow handles all our incoming Franchisee sales with a team of support by his side. He started off as a Blue Wheeler Groomer himself and hung up his tools to move into business development in 2013.   Back in 2005, Col left a 16-year career in the transport industry to become a Blue Wheeler franchise.  His passion is now helping others find the joy that he found in working with dogs.  Col will give you a call within a couple of days so you can chat about your goals, dreams and any fears or concerns you have.  If you’re not ready to chat, that’s ok – you can let us know any time.

    Step 3: Get into the nitty gritty

    If after chatting with Col you feel that being a Blue Wheeler may be something you want to keep exploring, then we send you some more information to digest; (all the legal stuff to make sure you’re across all the ins and outs).  Once you’ve read through all of that, then comes the fun bit!

    Step 4: Book your Experience Day

    This is the best part of the whole ‘start up’ process and what gets our new team members most excited. Col introduces you to one of our existing franchisees.  You book in a time that suits you to join them for a day as they go about running their business.  You’ll experience what a day in the life of a Blue Wheeler really looks and feels like. This is where most people fall in love! Of course, if you decide it’s not right for you after this step, you have absolutely no obligation to us at all. However, If you are completely smitten, then it’s time to take things to the next level. Check in with your own advisors, start your due diligence, start the paperwork and head towards your start date!