Dog potty training 101

Do you have a little pooper or two at home? Well potty training your little fur ball is easier than you think. The key is consistency with your training and lots of patience. Don’t forget puppies are like little babies and you need to be extra patient during the process.

Here’s how to potty train your pup:


Decide on a potty area – Teach your pup to use a designated area to potty and stick to it. Whenever you let the pup out make sure that you take them there to go potty.

Schedule a time– Dogs are creatures of habit, so you need to set up a time for them to eat and go potty and stick to it. Make sure you take your puppy out every hour or two until he/she gets used to the schedule.

Reward – Yelling “no” when your puppy goes inside the house is not effective at all, none of the punishing methods work for these fur balls. The only thing that will happen is that your puppy with go potty inside when you are not around and be scared of you. You need to supervise and interrupt when your puppy poops/pees inside the house. Interrupt and take them to their designated potty area. Once they use the designated potty area don’t forget to praise and give a treat. You don’t have to use a treat, praise will suffice and dogs want to make their owners happy so they know the difference between a happy and a cranky master!

Clean up – If your puppy accidently goes inside the house, make sure that you clean the area thoroughly. If they are able to smell it, chances are they will do it again in the same spot. There are some great products you can buy that do a fabulous job of taking away any smells from the areas!




Night Time – Blue Wheeler’s own dog Lulu was initially trained in a crate situation, zipping her in at night, but I have to admit this did not work for us. We moved quickly on to newspaper and puppy pads on the floor in the laundry and found that most affective until she was able to go through the doggy door independently. Dogs generally will not poo where they sleep! Over time, Lulu chewed her crate to pieces to ensure she was never locked in again!


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