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5 Advantages of Being Your Own Boss

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Starting your own small business can be very challenging but also extremely rewarding. You get to reap the rewards for the work you do, ie: your earning capacity is determined by you.   Entrepreneurship is not for everyone but systems, such as franchising, can make the transition from employee to being your own boss easier. If you want to learn more about franchising, read our blog on Dash DogWash, ‘What You Need to Know About Joining a Franchise’. Keep reading to learn the top 5 advantages of being your own boss. 

1. Get that work/life balance you crave

When you become your own boss, you can set your own hours and work your business around your life.  Never miss a big life milestone or event ever again. You can finally be there for the school drop off, for the graduations, family holidays and more. You can set your own hours and make your schedule flexible around your lifestyle.

2. You get to reap all of the rewards

Instead of making money for someone else, when you’re your own boss, your hard work pays off as you get to keep the rewards.  When you work for yourself, satisfaction rates are typically higher as you see the consequences of your own actions and input.

3. You’re in control

When you are your own boss, you’re in control of your business and how it operates. You get to choose your own hours; you own customers; your own marketing efforts.  You have nobody looking over your shoulder every day.  With a franchise system, you do have certain obligations and systems to work by but any good franchisor will offer clear communication around those expectations and systems.

4. Get out of the daily grind 

If you’re sick of working 9-5 in a stuffy office with coworkers or crazy hours on shift work, becoming your own boss could be the perfect next career move for you. With mobile businesses, like Blue Wheelers, you no longer have to travel hours in traffic or on public transport every day to get to and from the office. You don’t have to sit next to coworkers you don’t get along with, answer to a demanding boss or work late into the night (if you don’t want to). Dayna from Blue Wheelers Chipping Norton made the move from office worker to dog groomer and she’s loving it.

“Business is good, really busy, lots of new enquiries. I am happy with the progress I have made during my time as a Blue Wheelers Groomer. Grooming did not come as naturally to me as quickly as I hoped.  As with any skill, I am now growing in confidence as the time passes and I can’t imagine returning to an office job where there are no dogs to hang out with every day.”

Dayna from Blue Wheelers Chipping Norton

Read our blog ‘How to be a Successful Dog Groomer’ to see if dog grooming could be the career for you.

5. Passion and more job satisfaction 

People always say ‘if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life,’ and if you’ve become your own boss in a field that you love, we’re sure you’ll agree! Read one of our Groomer’s testimonials, ‘When Passion Drives Change’ to learn more about how following your passion (like working with dogs) can change your life. 

If you’ve been thinking about becoming your own boss, dog grooming might be a great option for you. Blue Wheelers Groomers are sole-traders in a mobile business with low, ongoing overhead costs. If you’ve never had your own business before or are new to the pet industry, joining a franchise such as Blue Wheelers could be the perfect business opportunity for you. Blue Wheelers has been the go-to brand for mobile dog grooming for over 25 years! Read our 25 Year Anniversary blog to learn more about our success story.

A Blue Wheelers Mobile Dog Grooming business offers you:

  • The flexibility of operating your own business
  • The freedom of working your own hours
  • The security of working with an established national brand
  • Full skills and business administration training
  • Quality equipment and products
  • Low start up costs and low overheads
  • Your own iconic Blue Wheelers mobile salon.

Follow the link to get an information pack and get all your questions answered.

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