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Blue Wheelers, Mobile Dog Wash, Clip & Groom – Sit, Stay, Relax, We come to you.

We all love our pets, and dogs seem to be #1 on the pet lovers list, as is Blue Wheelers – Australia’s #1 choice in mobile dog grooming.

Dogs are our fur babies, adding much joy to any family event, for some, replacing the need to have children of their own.  My partner, Martin and I own Blue Wheelers, Mobile Dog Wash, Clip & Groom and we often chuckle that if we had known what pleasure our dog Lulu would bring, we may have rethought the 3 kids!  No matter who walks over the threshold, the moods and stresses of the day disappear upon greeting Lulu, our Labradoodle – she is a complete game changer in our house.

Following cute dog You Tubers and Instagrammers is a pastime for all dog lovers.  The more humanized the material, the more we watch them.  From dressed up dogs who can mimic or talk to their owners; dance to music or ride bikes, we simply can’t get enough.

As with all those who walk on two legs, our four legged children have to keep hygiene in mind.  They don’t tend to shower themselves!  Some dogs not only sleep on the bed with their families, they sleep in the bed, under the covers spooning their owners.  Very snug! However, not so snug if the dogs are smelly, dirty or have fleas.  Blue Wheelers offer a premium Dog Grooming service that ensures a dog is washed thoroughly from snout to tail.  Our natural shampoos have genuine properties that can whiten, soften, calm irritation and get rid of fleas!  Our crowning glory is our signature cologne that keeps fur babies smelling sweet and fresh for up to two weeks and is reinvigorated even if the dog gets wet in the rain.

So, if you are going to sleep, drive and eat with your dog in tow, it is certainly in your best interests to ensure your dog is groomed regularly and has a regular hygiene clip even throughout winter to ensure the dog is clean.

Having a dog join your family has many benefits – they teach kids to love and care for someone else; they are known serotonin producers and keep us happy.  Blue Wheelers is proud to be involved in the ever-growing pet industry with 180 Groomer nationally roving across Australia grooming dogs of many shapes and sizes.

Customer demand often outweighs the number of Blue Wheeler Groomers on the road.

If you would like to join the Blue Wheelers team, please head to our Franchising segment on our website:




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