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Easter egg hunt warning : chocolate can be deadly for dogs

My dog Lexa loves Easter, mainly because we get to spend a lot of time together during the Easter break and she loves to go hunting for Easter eggs with my little nieces and nephews. She knew she shouldn’t be eating chocolate but she decided to help herself to some “harmless” chocolate eggs straight from my lil nephew’s hands. Before I even got a chance to blink, she ate the whole chocolate egg and I knew we were due for a vet visit.

Long story short, Lexa was rushed to the emergency vet to get her tummy pumped. Since we were quick to get her to the vet, thankfully there weren’t many complications. Lucky for me, she made a full recovery and she’s still questioning my recent ban for chocolates in the house.

As we all know chocolates are quite toxic to dogs, it’s surprising that this delicious yummy treat can be a little daredevil that can potentially kill your dog. The toxic ingredient in chocolate is a bitter-tasting stimulant called theobromine. Theobromine levels are usually higher in dark chocolates, making them more dangerous than milk or white chocolate.

Symptoms I should look for? (Easter egg hunt gone wrong)

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Increase in the heart rate
  • Hyperactivity or restlessness
  • Increased urination
  • Seizures

So my pup ate a bunch of chocolates- What should I do?

If your dog has ingested chocolate, even it’s a small amount please contact your local vet for advice. In most cases your vet will treat chocolate poisoning by inducing vomiting and may wash out the stomach. They make take other steps/treatments depending on your dog’s condition and the signs your dog is showing.

Prevention is the key!

Since dogs have a high sense of smell, they know exactly where to find those hidden chocolates, so make sure that they cannot accidentally access any of your chocolates, especially during Easter hunts!

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