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How to Tell if Your Dog Loves You!

There is a famous saying: “If you want true love, then get a dog”, now you probably know that your dog loves you to the moon and back. But how do you know for sure?  Here are 5 signs that your dog is madly in love with you!

Makes and hold eye contact  Direct eye contact with a dog you haven’t bonded is interpreted as a challenge, but if you have a positive bond with your furball then that’s a different story. Eye contact releases a chemical called the” love hormone”, this triggers a feeling of attachment and comfort in a dog’s brain. So, if your dog loves to hold staring contests with you often, then good news, that means he loves you and he is very comfortable around his hooman.

Leaning against you

If your dog wants to always lean against you, or say close to you, then this means he/she feels safe, comfortable and happy. If they love to roll over for a belly rub, then this means your dog feels safe being in a vulnerable position around you and trusts you.

They become cuddle bugs

This is an obvious one. If your dog chooses to curl up next to you or try to sleep as close to you or on you, this is a sign that they love you and they want to stay close to their pack.

Steals your stinky socks and shoes

Ever wondered why your canine friend prefers your dirty socks over their cool toys? Dogs who are attached to their owners love their owner’s scent. When your dog smells a familiar scent on the stolen goods, it makes them feel safer and secure.

Brings you their favourite toy

If your pupper brings you their favourite toy, this is not just because they want to play, this is also their way of presenting their most beloved possession to you.

Here are some ways to increase the bond with your dog:

  • Have regular training sessions – teach them a new skill or reinforce an old skill
  • Play with them – play tug, fetch, etc
  • Food – give them healthy, nutritious meals. Make sure you give them natural treats that are free of preservatives.
  • Get them groomed regularly – Grooming is important to keep your fur baby healthy and smelling great. A healthy dog is a happy dog. Find a Blue Wheeler near you!

If you take good care of your furry ball, then they will reward you with a lifetime of love and loyalty.

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