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Sanity Over Vanity: Keeping up with the Dog Grooming Trends

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends in the grooming industry, then you are probably familiar with “Japanese Dog Grooming”.  We’ve all seen those fabulously round or square shaped pooches looking so adorable on Instagram or Pinterest.  You may even have considered moving to Japan since your Local dog groomer is refusing to turn your German Shepard into a Rabbit.

These amazing styles look fabulous and they are true perfection clips, and yes, it might be tempting to get your pooch styled according to the latest trends, however as professional dog groomers we do not accommodate Japanese style grooming.

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But Why not, we hear you ask!

These grooming styles don’t follow the standard breed cuts.  Japanese Grooming techniques generally focus on giving their fluffy clients a unique look.  Unlike traditional Aussie groomers they are not really focused on the dog’s grooming requirements for health. Some of these styles require to keep the dog’s hair longer. For example, a Cocker Spaniel may need to have their ears trimmed shorter if they are susceptible to ear infections.

These Japanese grooms are works of art, and they are a mastered skill, however, they take a long time to complete. Most dogs do not have the patience or temperament to stand still to be groomed in this manner. Some of these dogs have been trained over time to accommodate the patience required to do it.  Not to mention the Groomers’ patience LOL.

Maintaining the Pufffy-fluff – These sorts of cuts require a lot more maintenance than the regular standard breed or “pet” cut. So, this means spending more $$ and your pooch is spending more time in the salon. Also, these styles require a lot of styling products to keep the hair in place (setting spray etc) and in some styles the use of hair straighteners, which is not really good for your pooch in the long run.

As a pet parent I too want my fur child to look its best. However, if these trends come with the price of your pooch’s health and comfort being sacrificed then its best to consider carefully. Your best friend deserves the best.

At Blue Wheelers, we always take your dog’s cuteness into consideration, but it’s not always about making your dog look like a Lion, melon or a Rockstar. For us its all about looking after your furry friend and ensuring your dog is clean and comfortable. Blue Wheeler Groomers are all very experienced and will always put the needs of your dog as their top priority.

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