Spring Grooming Tips for a Happy Dog

If your dog doesn’t have a regular grooming routine, spring is a great time to start. Depending on your dog’s breed you may have left their coat longer to keep them warm through winter or they will naturally shed less hair during winter. Their coat can also grow slower in the colder winter months and the growth rate will be faster during spring and summer. Keep reading for some quick spring grooming and hygiene tips.

Regular brushing

You should be brushing and combing your fur baby year round, but it is especially important in spring as this is the time when shedding is at its highest while your pup loses their winter coat. Regular brushing (usually at least weekly, but ideally every day or so) helps to prevent tangles, mats and spread their coats natural oils throughout to keep it healthy and prevent shedding. Spring also means more pollen in the air and sprouting plants. Regular brushing will help remove any burrs and other debris. 

Book in a bath

Just like with brushing, it’s important to regularly bathe your fur baby. Depending on your dog’s lifestyle, you probably cut back on baths over winter as it’s cold and they are outside less. Spring weather means more playtime outside and lots of freshly mown grass and pollen in the air! Bathing helps get rid of any dirt and pollen on your pup and gets rid of any loose fur. The frequency of how often your dog should be bathed depends on your dog’s needs. You can bathe them as often as once a fortnight to once every couple of months. Book in with your local Blue Wheeler and they can give you expert advice on how often your pup should be booking in for a bath. This can depend on a range of factors such as breed, smell, lifestyle and time of the year. 


As the weather heats up your dog will start to shed their winter coat and their hair growth rate will speed up (depending on their breed). If you have a double coated dog (like a German Shepherd or Husky) or just have a doggie that sheds a lot, then spring is the perfect time to try a deshedding treatment. Blue Wheelers has a 3 step deshed program that can be added onto your pup’s usual groom. A deshedding treatment helps to really remove any loose and dead hairs. This can help minimise shedding for weeks after. 

Keep your dogs hair in the Big Blue Dog trailer instead of on your floor or on your clothes! Book in your dog’s deshed by calling 1300 659 055 or get a free quote online.

Time for a shorter clip?

During winter you might have kept your pup’s coat longer all over and skipped on the groom for a couple of months or just got them a hygiene clip to keep them clean. As the weather warms up it’s time to get back to their regular coat length to help keep them cool. You may start thinking about going a little bit shorter too if you are going on holidays and your dog may have to go a bit longer without a groom. 

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