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Take Your Dog To Work Day | Do’s And Don’ts

I think we all can agree when I say dogs make everything better. So bringing them to work, will surely make those long hours enjoyable. At Blue Wheelers we are lucky to have “Take your dog to work day” every day.  Not all offices are so flexible.  Our groomers get to play with dogs every day as this is the business they are in.

So for the one who aren’t that lucky to take their dogs to work every day, there is a special day that allows them to do is, which is this Friday the 21st. This day is a great opportunity to celebrate our furry best friends’ abilities to reduce stress in the work place and increase our job satisfaction.

Before you pack your pup’s toys and get ‘Lazor’ an ID card, here’s a few important things to consider first.


Is everyone up with the idea?

Make sure your employer supports the idea, there are some work places that don’t allow pets due to various safety and health issues. Also Penny in the next cubicle might be severely allergic to dogs or may be suffering from Cynophobia. Yes, your fur child is really awesome and is the best thing in the world, but you need to make sure everyone is happy and welcoming the idea.

Is your Work place dogproof?

Lexa, my pup loves chewing computer and electrical cords, and loves to make herself disappear.  If your work place is not safe for your pup to run around you might want to rethink the idea. Last thing you want is for Lexa to throw up pieces of cords on the financial report you worked so hard on.

Pack a bag!

Remember to carry your pup’s toys, dog food, bed, poop bags and anything and everything they might want to get through the day.


Some of your work mates might not really be that welcoming if your pup smells and had a wash too long ago to remember! Also your fur baby is your pride and joy, you don’t want anyone to say anything bad about them, so make sure your get them groomed and smell great. At Blue Wheelers our signature cologne will make your pup smell good for up to two weeks after their pamper.



If your dog is not properly house trained, or you can’t really rely on their good manners you may want to re think the idea. You don’t want him jumping up on clients, peeing on your fake pot plants  and biting your co-workers.

Don’t bring your pup to work if you don’t have time to take care of him or take him out for regular bathroom breaks.



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