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5 benefits of joining Blue Wheelers!

I’ve often thought ‘how lucky are these folks!’ – they run a business where they get to be with dogs all day, every day.

When my partner and I brought Lulu, our Labradoodle, home almost 3 years ago we would often joke that if we had known what joy a dog would bring to our household, we might have rethought the kids!

Besides being with puppies and dogs all day and being half licked to death, there are many benefits in joining an established Franchise like Blue Wheelers, Wash, Clip and Groom!  If you are thinking about a business Start Up, read on for some benefits of becoming a Dog Groomer with Australia’s #1 choice!


Start a grooming business with an established plan!

Starting your own business can be a tough gig – so much to plan, consider and do!  With Blue Wheelers, we take all the hard decision making out of the equation for you – experience tells us what works and what doesn’t! We also give you an 8-week fee free period so you get to concentrate on building your customer base.  * Not applicable for resales; only valid for a brand new territory


Start your business with instant brand recognition!

Brand is power: Brand is trust!  Joining Australia’s first choice in mobile dog grooming gives you instant credibility – speak to our groomers and they will tell you how quickly they grew their businesses!


Learn the art!

Learning to groom is a skill.  It takes many hours on the road to become an accomplished dog groomer.  Our training is gold standard and we don’t put you on the road until we are sure that you are safe with the dogs, and the dogs are safe with you!  No bad hair days with Blue Wheelers.


Learn business skills!

Running a business is no walk in the park – especially in the early days.  We teach you the difference between owing a dog washing business and running a dog washing service.  Again, it’s all about the training.  We have years of experience behind Blue Wheelers with many of our groomers already hitting their 10-year anniversary.  Check out our video on training:


Have support on hand when starting your new business!

A problem shared is a problem halved!  In business, the support team you have around you is vital to your success.  With Blue Wheelers you are on your own, but never alone.  You will have access to team members who have been where you are right now!  You also will have regular visits from our Team Support Managers on the ground, as well as your Marketing team!


If you would like to join the Blue Wheelers team, click here to take your first step in the right direction.



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