Blue Wheeler Fur Clients Who Are Totally Ready For The Holiday Season


cute-santa-face-clip-art-large-cute-santa-face-with-a-white-beard-w8jvb3-clipart It’s beginning to look a lot like my snack time…


Blue Wheelers Empire Bay

cute-santa-face-clip-art-large-cute-santa-face-with-a-white-beard-w8jvb3-clipart I tried being good this year, but I could only hear my mum half of the time…


cute-santa-face-clip-art-large-cute-santa-face-with-a-white-beard-w8jvb3-clipart Drive the sleigh? No I don’t think I will this year, I look too fabulous after my wash…


Blue Wheelers North East Darwin

cute-santa-face-clip-art-large-cute-santa-face-with-a-white-beard-w8jvb3-clipart My toys are too old.. We must tell Santa


Blue Wheelers Narre Warren South

cute-santa-face-clip-art-large-cute-santa-face-with-a-white-beard-w8jvb3-clipart OMG Santa brought us treats!! OMG


Blue Wheelers North East Darwin

cute-santa-face-clip-art-large-cute-santa-face-with-a-white-beard-w8jvb3-clipart What do you mean Naughty? It was the cat…


Blue Wheelers Torquay

cute-santa-face-clip-art-large-cute-santa-face-with-a-white-beard-w8jvb3-clipart What do you mean Santa’s got enough reindeer?


Blue Wheelers North East Darwin

cute-santa-face-clip-art-large-cute-santa-face-with-a-white-beard-w8jvb3-clipart Santa, we look fabulous and reporting for duty…


Keeping you fur babies safe during holiday season might be a challenging task. Make sure you keep them away from certain food (e.g. chocolate, grapes), Christmas trees and Christmas presents like small toys or batteries that could be harmful for your dog’s health. For them this busy season is the perfect time to get into mischief.  If your dog consumes any of these, please make sure you contact your local vet for advice. Don’t let them be little grinches who stole your Christmas…


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