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Top 5 must have Christmas gifts for Dogs

So you’ve done your Christmas shopping for all the hoomans in your life and wondering what to get your furry family member?  When it comes to your fur baby deciding on a gift is not the easiest thing. So we decided to put together a Christmas gift for dogs guide for you.

🎄The perfect dog bed

There are so many different types of beds available. So when you are deciding on a bed, first thing to do is, monitor how your dog sleeps.  Dogs sleep in so many different positions, my dog’s favourite sleeping pose is the superman’s pose, and some dogs prefer sleeping curled up, or on their back.  Dog beds come in many different sizes and shapes.  A round dog bed can be ideal if your dog loves a curled up position when they sleep. And a mattress bed can be great if your dog loves to lay flat.  Lastly decide on which features are important, if you have an older dog, or a dog with aches and joint problems then opt for a memory foam dog bed.  If your dog gets easily cold then a heated dog beds are a great option.

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🎁Toys, Toys and Toys

Dogs love to play, so picking out a great toy is an important part of your relationship.  Play close attention to your dog’s style of playing and chewing.  Not all dogs like to fetch, or retrieve toys so if you were to buy your squeaky toy loving pupper these toys they might judge you for not knowing them better.

Toy Types: Tug Toys, Rope Toys, Fetch Toys, Retrieving Toys, Squeaky Toys, Food Dispensing Toys, Puzzles Toys.

Christmas gifts for Dogs


☃️Yummy Treats

Treats are a great way to show your furry pal some extra love.  Most treats available today are high in fats, sugars and preservatives.  With the huge variety of dog treats available, you need to make sure you are getting your pup high quality treats.

Blue Wheeler Treats are 100% natural. All products are naturally dried with no salts or preservatives. In addition to being 100% natural, all our treats are 100% Australian-made and packed to order ensuring they are freshly packed each day. Our treats are available for sale by the bag through your local Blue Wheeler operator.

For more Info>

❄️Donate to your favourite animal welfare charity

Christmas is a time to give, share and spread love. As a responsible pet parent a donation on behalf of your furry friend is a great way to celebrate Christmas.  By donating to an animal welfare charity like The Lost Dogs’ Home, you can make sure little furry tummies goes to sleep full and happy that day.

Christmas gifts for Dogs

🌟The gift of a great grooming session

Since your fur baby is the center of your holiday portraits, you need to make sure they are looking their best.  So go ahead and make a booking with your local dog groomer to make sure your pup is washed and groomed before the crazy holiday rush starts. Be warned most of our groomers are fully booked during this period.

Grooming is not only about good looks, regular grooming will help your dog feel happy and healthy. Check out grooming requirements for different breeds here>

To make a booking head to this link>


Christmas gifts for Dogs

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