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Dog Appreciation Day!

Picture a great setting:  Rocks Brewery Co. Bar & Diner,  a dog friendly food and beverage trendy place with a beautiful courtyard in one of the bustling suburbs of Sydney.  I’ve been invited to participate in their celebration of International Dog Day on the 26th of August.  How exciting!  Although I was promised unlimited food and drinks during the day, I don’t think they realised I was going to be actually working!  Never mind.  I just wanted to celebrate this great day surrounded by pooches!  And celebrated we did.

The day started with me having to reverse my car and Blue Wheelers trailer all the way down to the back of the courtyard.  As most mobile groomers get it, this is not an easy task and I had some people (especially men) coming to tell me how impressed they were with my backing skills! This has happened to me many times especially working in an area so close to the city where parking is a luxury and you even have to be creative to park your mobile salon. That aside and once the trailer was in place and detached from the car, I was all set up and ready to wheelers, Dog Appreciation Day, dogs, blue dog, dog grooming

Bring me some dogs!, I thought.  Well, I think I spoke too soon.  Within minutes, the place was packed with dog lovers and their pooches and also people without pets but enjoyed the day as much as the rest of us.  We all got to participate in the various activities where dogs were the centre of attention.

There was a Doggie Rescue Group, Rocky’s K9 Animal Rescue; a Charity that helps the homeless and their pets, Project Hope; an emerging local doggie treats baker and then there was me, the Groomer with the unmistakable Big Blue Dog from Blue Wheelers Mascot.

There was also live music and the main event was a dog show where all the four-legged assistants could show their inner and outer beauty.  And what fun the dogs had! There were dogs of all shapes and sizes and from all paths of life, from the expensive dog to the adopted one.

From my side, I got bombarded with requests to bath and groom doggies on site and also to go groom their doggies at home in the future.  There even was a lady organising a visit to her local park to go groom her and her neighbours’ dogs every month.  Unfortunately, I had to decline for two reasons, I’m booked out many months in advance and I’m not able to fit in new customers.  Nevertheless, I had the opportunity to groom a couple of those doggies on the day and give them great tips on coat maintenance.  What really filled me with joy on the day was the opportunity to bath for free the doggies from Rocky’s K9 Animal Rescue.

There was this particular one, Maverick who completely stole my heart.  An 11-month gorgeous Rotti cross who was on death row in a country pound.  He was saved by this amazing rescue who are determined to find him a new forever home.  He came into my trailer and behaved as a seasoned pet who is groomed every month.  The beauty of this dog in all aspects confirmed that adopting is a great way to go!  He thoroughly enjoyed his bath and pamper.  Good news is he got adopted later in the week by someone who went to the Appreciation Day! I’m sure after my special love and care (and obviously the wonderful Blue Wheelers Cologne) helped to attract that special one who decided give him his forever home!

We all enjoyed a beautiful winter day where the lives of our great furry companions were exalted and appreciated. International Dog Day is one more way to let the world know that these precious beings are a very important part of our hearts and lives and we as groomers are an essential part of that too.


Written by:

Alejandra Arcila-Olaya “Ally” 
Blue Wheelers Mascot

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