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Dog Behaviour Tips: Is it OK if I Pet Your Dog?

Q: What’s your first instinct when you see a cute dog?

  1. Stand still and wait for the dog to approach you.
  2. Stay calm and ignore the dog.
  3. Jump in straight away hugging and screaming “I wanna eat you up you cute little thing”.

Well I think like me, most of you all are guilty of the 3rd scenario. We all go a tad bit crazy for cute furry little things. You are not a budding sociopath for wanting to squeeze and hug puppies. But, in order to avoid unpleasant incidents it’s best that you learn a bit about approaching a strange dog safely.

Ask for permission– Always ask for the owner’s permission before petting the dog. This is important because the owner can warn you if the dog is aggressive, too shy or just super scared of hoomans.

Avoid eye contact– Humans and dogs communicate differently. While we view eye contact as a sign of focus and trust; from a dog’s point of view it is domineering or threatening. So don’t approach the dog face to face. The best way to approach is to keep your side towards the dog, which is more friendly and comfortable in the dog’s eye.

Let the dog approach you first– Although it’s tempting to jump and hug them right away, always let the dog approach you in his/her terms. Once the dog sniffs and acts all calm, go ahead and calmly pet them.

Proper Etiquette For Petting – Don’t pet the dog on the top of their head, no one likes that not even us hoomans. Pet them under the chin (they love it) chest area and on the sides.


Well, you might forget all these once you run in to a cute ball of awesomeness, but you might want to try and keep these in mind, mainly because bite marks ain’t pretty.  

Dog Behaviour tips

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