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Is operating a Blue Wheeler right for you?

So, the idea of becoming a Blue Wheelers franchisee has piqued your interest, but you’re wondering if you should really put pen to paper. How do you know if owning a Blue Wheelers franchise is right for you? Read on and find out if you’re the type of person who would love owning a Blue Wheeler.

You love dogs

Well, this is a no-brainer! By becoming a Blue Wheelers franchisee, you can hang out with gorgeous four-legged friends all day, big or small!

You’re sick of your current job

If you’re reading this from the confines of your florescent-lit office, now’s the time to break free from your leash! By becoming a franchisee, you can control your own schedule, get out in the great outdoors with your mobile grooming salon, and work with some of the cutest clients you’ve ever seen!

You want to be your own boss

Say goodbye to slaving away at a desk after-hours due to the extra work put on you by your boss: you are in control of your workday! As a Blue Wheelers franchisee, you choose the days and hours you would like to work. So, if you want a long weekend, a Monday morning sleep in or just extra time with your children, you have that flexibility. Many of our franchisees say the ability to be in control of your work hours is the best part of being a Blue Wheeler franchisee – watch their testimonials here.

… but you are seeking support out of your new role

Becoming a franchisee is a low-risk alternative to becoming a business owner, the Blue Wheelers established brand and continuous support will put you on the road to success! When you become a Blue Wheeler franchisee, you will be given the opportunity to receive professional training, national advertising and ongoing support from our National team. As part of your training experience, you have the chance to meet current and former franchisees that will let you know the ins and outs of life as a Blue Wheeler owner.

Becoming an independent groomer is a huge gamble, but being under the established Blue Wheelers brand, with 20 years of proven business results, you’ll have a higher chance of success.

Did you say “YES!” to all of the above? Join the Blue Wheelers team!

It’s time to let the leash go! Turn your love for dogs into a seriously fun, rewarding and profitable Blue Wheelers dog washing and grooming franchise. You’ll have the opportunity to earn upwards of $1200 a week, with many of our franchises earning more than $2000 per week.

Head over to our dog grooming franchise opportunities page to find out how to become a franchisee.

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