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So you want to buy a franchise?

In Australia there are well over 1,000 different franchising opportunities from retail to service, from real estate to fitness and of course dog grooming franchises! Given the benefits of joining an established franchise it’s easy to see why!

There are many niche franchising opportunities and Blue Wheelers Wash, Clip and Groom is one such established brand – you simply have to be a dog lover to reap the rewards.

As Australia’s #1 choice in Mobile Dog Grooming and Washing, Blue Wheelers is nearly 200 strong; with as many Big Blue Dogs roaming the country washing and grooming Aussie Dogs.

If you are desperate to fire your boss or get out of your stuffy office, then this could be your first real opportunity to get into a start up business and get busy washing and grooming man’s fluffy best friends!

Some things to ponder if you are an entrepreneur looking to start a successful dog grooming franchise:


Do your homework and find the right franchise for you!

All franchise companies are not created equal.  In every industry there will generally be several franchise companies to choose from.  Speak to several to get a feel for where you best fit.  If you have a sense of ‘feeling at home’ with your selected franchise then generally, the franchise relationship will work.


Experience a ‘day in the life’ with a Blue Wheeler Dog Groomer!

Get your hands wet with a day on the road with a Blue Wheelers Dog Groomer – if the franchise system does not offer this to you, you have to consider why not?  Blue Wheelers will share the good and the bad with you.  No opportunity is perfect!  It’s about finding the right balance of pros and cons and making sure you do your due diligence that makes the difference.  See franchising opportunities here.


Franchise vs Independent

It’s definitely an easier path with a proven franchise system.  If you are a new business owner you will be far better placed with a genuine franchise system in mobile grooming, which will assist you with all aspects of start up life.  However, you do need to be a team player when joining any franchise business.  Statistically, Australian franchise systems are far more successful than any independent set up.  The training, branding, support and the sense of being part of a ‘bigger picture’ all go a long way in making the journey of starting your own business a smooth one.  Check this out for further reading.


Join a franchise with an established brand

A brand gives customers trust and can offer prospective business owners a quicker road to success.  The power of the brand gives greater strength to your advertising dollar, a known brand name and confidence on the road.  Having access to group insurance and other marketing collateral is also important for the success of your new business.


What about the price?

We all want a bargain – right?  Nothing better than ‘saving’ on a deal!  However, when it comes to business, you have to consider the savings and what this really means to you in the long term.  In life, you generally get what you pay for.  This is true of any income guarantee too!  You will pay for this in other ways!  Some franchise systems, for example, rent a mobile dog grooming trailer that you may never own!  If you really want your business to be an investment into your future, our lease to own packages will see you reap the rewards of your hard work and outgoings!


We are a little more exy than some, but the Big Blue Dog runs around town with ‘Doesn’t Your Best Friend Deserve the Best?” written on its big behind! The marketing edge that the Big Blue Dog gives you is worth the initial investment!


Blue Wheelers give you an 8 week free period where no payments are required – enabling you to just get on with the business of building your customer base!  No Management fees, no call fees and no insurance fees for 8 weeks: Talk about peace of mind!


Legal and Financial Advice!

Any franchise worth its weight will encourage you to seek independent financial and legal advice to ensure you are fully aware of your contractual and financial obligations.  One tip!  Get in touch with experts in franchising as many are not familiar with the Australian Franchise Code and cannot guide you appropriately.

Coming full circle, undertake sufficient homework and due diligence to ensure you are making the right decision. Then simply follow your instincts.  Don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis – Blue Wheelers is Australia’s #1 choice for good reason and our dog groomers are all accessible to you so you can measure their happiness curve before you take that all important leap of faith.


If you would like to join Blue Wheelers, please click here!



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