Best dog groomers, parks and beaches in Perth

Our Perth dog groomers know you want to show off your freshly washed pup. To help you show off your pooch when they’re looking good and feeling great, we asked our expert dog washers and groomers for their favourite off-lead dog parks and beaches.

Peasholm street dog beach, Scarborough

Once you actually get to this beach (it has massive dunes), your pooch will be treated to loads of space, pristine white sand and crystal clear water. There are also plenty of dogs here on weekends frolicking around, enjoying each other’s company. You’ll also be able to get your morning walk in here too, as the area stretches for kilometres.

But puppy beware! Don’t let your dog stray out too far. This area is prone to massive waves and rips.

Jack Marks Reserve, Highgate

Owners will be comforted by the fact that Jack Marks is safely nestled behind a small fence. This reserve is busy on weekends with (mostly) apartment dwellers taking their pooches for a play. A water fountain with attached bowl is on-site, and for lovers of novelty, a dog-shaped dog poo bin holds any doo-doo that your pup may have done.

Inglewood Dog Park, Mt Lawley

Pooches come far and wide to this enclosed dog exercise area, which includes sand and turf terrains, agility logs and ramps. Dogs are able to practice their jumping, running and endurance at this popular park. Inglewood also has a gazebo, providing much-needed shelter for owners on a rainy day.

Big pup? No problem! Inglewood has a high fence around its perimeter.

Whiteman Park Dog Park, Whiteman

Nestled in the Swan Valley lies this gem, which is more akin to a theme park than a dog park! The fully fenced dog park has an obstacle course painted in colours that your pup can easily see. As well as plenty of water bowls, shade and seating. Out of the dog area, there are BBQ areas and a café that welcomes dogs (just make sure they’re on a leash!).

South Beach dog beach, Fremantle

South-siders, we haven’t forgotten you! South Beach is your best bet for a calm beach with very little swell, making it perfect for pups that aren’t quite used to the water yet. There’s plenty of parking nearby and it’s a shorter walk to the water than Peasholm, maximising your water time on a hot day.

The beach is close to a number of dog friendly cafes nearby where you can stop for brunch, a coffee, or even better – take your brunch to the beach to chow down on it while your dog has a ball.

Polite pooch etiquette

Don’t be a mutt – here are some tips to ensure everyone has a great time in and around off-lead areas, humans and dogs alike:

Check with your local council: In WA, laws differ from council to council regarding dog in public spaces. Please review their policies, usually located on their website, before you head out with your pooch.

Pick up after your dog: Make sure you carry around a healthy supply of poo bags, as you never quite know when your dog may need to do a do-do. Luckily there are poo bag dispensers at most off-lead areas, but it’s best to be safe and BYO just in case there’s runs out.

Hydrate: While most dog areas have water bowls Fido can easily drink out of, it’s important to have a back up just in case. Many pet stores stock dog water bottles and portable bowls, and we recommend packing one in the car, as well as some water so your pup can stay healthy, hydrated and happy (especially in the Perth heat!).

Get your pup fit for the park: This includes worming, vaccinating and making sure their worming is up to date. You don’t want your precious pooch coming home from the park with a nasty bug! You also don’t want to spread fleas or diseases either. If you’re also concerned about your dog showing too much “love” at the park (if you know what we mean!), desexing might also be a good idea.

Supervise your dog at all times: You never quite know when your dog may stray in off-lead areas, especially when they’re in a wide open space like a beach. Make sure you’re always close to your pup and don’t take your eyes off them.

After that massive park or beach session, your dog will be ready for an epic grooming session. Get in touch with us so we can pamper your pooch in style – we come to you! Find a Blue Wheeler here.

Best dog parks and beaches in Perth

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