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Happy Mother’s Day to all you Fabulous Dog Mums

I’m a proud Mum of three four legged kids, and yes dogs are the “kids” in my family. I am not alone, there are many dog Mums out there and I think all dog Mums, together with human kid Mums, should celebrate on mother’s day.  True, we won’t get roses or chocolates on Mother’s Day from our fur babies but, for me, their sloppy kisses make everyday a great one.

Night time blues?

Done that!

I put in the night time hours when they were puppies!

When I first adopted Lexa, she was just a few weeks old and a little sick.  She would wake up every couple of hours crying.  I was there with her for many nights making my fur child comfortable. Needless to say I was sleep deprived for a good few weeks.

First day at school – Separation anxiety?

Done that!

I didn’t pack them a lunchbox but, just like all the other Mums out there, I did shed a tiny tear seeing my fur child growing up and learning to spend time away from me.

Toddler Tantrums?

You bet!

When I took my fur children to the nearby park there was lots of fun to be had.  When it was time to go Mishka decided that she wasn’t ready. She threw a tantrum right in the middle of the park, barking and pulling the leash back. I’m sure all the other Mums were looking at me and thinking they knew better.  When she realized she wasn’t winning the battle, she decided to play dead.  Despite me trying to pick her up, she kept flopping right back on the ground reminding me, dogs are just kids covered with fur.

Yes, I was the crazy dog lady in the park lecturing her fur kids about embarrassing me in public.

Grumpy Teens?

It’s not only teenage human kids who change moods like the weather, there are many times my fur kids were not afraid to show how unhappy they were with my new house rules etc. Like the time I made the new couch ‘off limits’ for a year.  They retaliated by just resting their heads on the cushions.  Eventually, we just agreed to disagree. They are now couch hoggers, and we all agree that I have an excellent taste in couches.

At the end of the day, we all make our choices, mine was to be a dog Mum over human children, and my sister decided to be a Mum to both dogs and a human kid. Some prefer the term guardian or owner, but that’s not for me.  I’m a proud dog Mum. I don’t have to be a dog to know I’m a wonderful pet parent but I think I have done my very best to raise 3 great canine citizens to the world.

Cheers to all dog Mums and their packs out there.

Happy Mother’s Day from a proud Dog Mum xxxx

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