National Dog Day 2017 – August 26

National Dog Day is celebrated in Australia on August 26th every year. “This day celebrates all our canine breeds and helps to educate the public to recognise the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year. This day also honours our family dogs and the canines that work selflessly to save lives and put their lives on the line every day for us”.

Here’s 10 reasons why a dog will make your life so much better and why we should truly appreciate these amazing companions everyday.

They make you laugh, like all the time.

Dogs are super goofy, I think we can all agree on that. There’s never a dull or boring moment when a dog is around. Even when they are not around, we probably got caught in the office or at school  for watching funny dog videos and busting out laughing.

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They lower stress.

Dogs are instant mood boosters, anytime I feel stressed or sad I always find comfort in my dogs. They are always there to listen to my long rants, and best of all they never judge you. Many studies have shown that having a dog benefits our mental well being. Those puppy dog eyes make me forget all my stress, forget about the bills, my dog looks soo cute.

dog comforts owner

Raises Immunity

According to studies, dogs can increase our longevity.  Dogs act like a probiotic for humans, helping us develop healthy bacteria colonies that will boost our immune systems.

Who needs yogurt, more slobbery kisses please!

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Life savers

Your best furry friend can also end up saving your life, it’s said that a dog’s sense of smell is up to a million times better than a human’s. Canines are often known to alert people about fires, tsunamis and intruders.  But also there have been many cases where dogs were able to sniff out cancers or diabetes. My dog is actually gifted with a super sniffing power, because he can smell a cheese stick a few blocks away.

Dog CPR funny, dog giving human CRP, dog saving life


Unconditional love

Dogs love us intensely and they are not afraid to show it. Every day I feel loved, be it sloppy kisses, bear hugs or puppy dog eyes.  Life is worth living because your dog loves you.

dog hugging human, dog hug, dog snuggle



They make you walk

Forget about Netflix and chill after work, when you have a dog you will get used to taking them for walks every day. And it doesn’t even feel like a chore because dogs can make anything and everything super fun. They are great walking companions and they will keep motivating you, even if you fall behind.

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Keeps you social!

Whether you like it or not people will try to socialise with you mainly to get a chance to pat your fur ball. Most people are more likely to strike up a conversation with you because you seem more approachable when you have a cute pup alongside you.

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They make us appreciate the simpler things in life!

My dog has made me realise that I really have everything I want in my life. I find peace watching my canine best friend sleeping, I find joy giving him belly rubs and most of all I feel loved with all those sloppy kisses. I don’t need expensive gadgets to feel happy, because with my dog by my side I just appreciate the simple things that life offers, including mother nature!

Dog sleep


You are never late for work!

Although my dog hates when I leave the house, he also makes sure that I wake up quite early for work. Sometimes their timing is a bit off, but I’m sure they mean well.

dog alarm , dog waking human up


They are your best friend.

Although I didn’t buy my dogs friendship bracelets, they are my best friends. They are the most loyal, loving companions one could ever wish for.

They will never let you down, always keeps your deepest darkest secrets and most importantly make you smile even if you are having a very bad day.

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In my house every day is a National Dog Day because one special day is not enough to celebrate my amazing companions.

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