Simple guide to celebrating your dog’s birthday

So your fur baby’s birthday is coming up? Most of us will want to celebrate with a bang! And why not, they are family too. Don’t be disappointed if your pooch ignores the whole fuzz about their birthday, because they will sure enjoy that extra attention and would love to be groomed.

Now that you are all excited to get started, here’s a simple guide to celebrating your dog’s birthday.

Location, location, location

Yes, we wrote it three times because it’s quite important. The ideal location depends on several factors, the number of guests, the breed type and the weather. If you have a big backyard, then perfect. If you live in a smaller apartment then look for Dog- Friendly Park nearby.

Treats and water

To make sure everyone is enjoying the birthday bash, ensure that there is plenty of fresh water available. With all the running around, dog guests will get thirsty and hot. Also don’t forget to bring their favourite treats.

The cake

Choose a cake that is made with dog friendly ingredients. You can also make it at home with simple ingredients in your kitchen. Warning! Chocolate and sugar are not healthy treats for your dog!

Fun activities

Plan a couple of fun activities for your doggie guests. Hide treats in different places and let your doggie guests find them. It’s a fun way to keep them entertained. You can also plan a talent show for your pup’s furry friends.

The day before

So you and your pup both are very excited to the birthday bash, don’t forget to treat your pup with a good groom and wash. Book a professional dog groomer before his/her birthday to make sure your pup will be smelling and looking the best on the special day. For a quote and a booking get in touch with your local Blue Wheelers operator.

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